Jay Ryser Photography | Macro Archive
I just got a Foldio2, a funky little Kickstarter project, with integrated LED light strips and interchangeable backgrounds. So far, but I gotta say, I'm loving it. Just what I needed for a winter project.
Floral Macro-Floral Macro-06296-Floral Macro-06290-Floral Macro-06200Floral Macro-06202Floral Macro-06206Floral Macro-06207Floral Macro-06208Floral Macro-06216Floral Macro-06220Floral Macro-06218Floral Macro-06223Floral Macro-06225Floral Macro-06188Floral Macro-06193Floral Macro-06186Floral Macro-06194Floral Macro-06198Floral Macro-06163Floral Macro-06164