Jay Ryser Photography | About Me

I'm coming to people photography from a background in wildlife and nature photography.  I try to NOT do what everyone else is doing, so you'll see me combining genres or trying some different things from time to time.  If there's a crowd, I'm heading in the other direction.  My strong preference is to use light, weather, mountains, lakes, and skies in my image making.  I have easy access to the Rocky Mountains, and I know lots and lots of places that are just stunningly gorgeous - let's go make images there! 

My current gear: Seriously?!?  Does anyone care about what gear I'm using.  FWIW, I use Sony cameras, Godox strobes, and MagMod modifiers.


Thanks for checking out my work, and if you like what you see, let's go make some images!


A few years ago, I did a brief write up in Outdoor PhotographerI've also had some article published in various other online blogs and web sites (none of which I am able to locate - well, that was a few years ago . . .)

Me and my son, Chris. He's in college now, so that should give you an idea of how old this image is.