This was a den located in Lyons, CO. The den was under an old cabin.
Fox Kit 1695-1695Fox Kit 1725-1725Fox Kit 1748-1748Fox Kit 1755-1755Fox Kit 1820-1820Fox Kit 1863-2Fox Kit 8803-8803Fox Kit 8804-8804Fox Kit 8856-2Momma Fox 1556-1556Momma Fox 1845-3Momma Fox & Kits 8685-8685Momma Fox & Kits 8742-8742Momma Fox & Kits 8759-8759Momma Fox & Kits 8765-8765Momma Fox & Kits 8768-8768Momma Fox & Kits 8769-8769Momma Fox & Kits 8779-8779Momma Fox & Kits 8786-8786Nursing 1599-1599

Guestbook for Lyons Foxes 2011
Thank you for capturing and sharing these beautiful photos of the foxes! I tweeted this out from @foxwrites so other fox fans can see them. Great!
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