The foxes in this series were photographed using Sony mirrorless cameras - m the a6000, but and the a7ii, with the Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G. I know, there are a lot of near duplicates, but I can't bear to delete them.
Red Fox-2794-2Red Fox-26927185-2Red Fox-2695-2Red Fox-2658-2Red Fox-2567-2Red Fox-2537-2Red Fox-2440-2Red Fox-2475-2Red Fox-2365-2Red Fox-Flash-1824-2Red Fox-2364-2Red Fox-2332-2Red Fox-2273-2Red Fox-2266-2Red Fox-2192-2Red Fox-2162-2Red Fox-2154-2Red Fox-2145-2Red Fox-Flash-2096-2Red Fox-2091-2